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As a photojournalist I need an online presence and I need a presentable one ! If I don’t have a good website then I cannot show work to editors, or show previous experience and work to potential clients! 

I previously hosted my images and portfolio with Photoshelter, who I must say did a fantastic job of hosting it, but that being said, my site lacked something ! It lacked a personal touch, it  also lacked any real depth ! At times, it seemed to be just a big mess of images with no real direction or layout! I started to become incensed with how my work was being laid out on their platform, and as I’m not familiar with CSS or HTML I relied heavily on using their at times, often restricted templates. 

Photojournalist website

Homepage Layout

So, what was the solution ?

After my previous disastrous attempt at building a site on Yahoo site builder, I decided that enough was enough! I’m very fortunate to work in a company that has several web developers and programmers, so after a few afternoons sitting with them and seeing how they work, I decided to take on the task of building my own site! Learning from the programmers meant I could now start to try to create my own website. The reasons for me attempting such a task are that, I wanted control over my images and how they would be presented rather than sticking to some pre-designed clunky web based template that never seemed to give me the look I wanted. I would still need our guys here to do any of the coding or HTML work, as thats still well beyond the scope of my web building experience.

Now, after 2 months of on and off work I finally, finally, have a website that I’m happy it. I particularly like the horizontal scrolling on galleries and the fact that my images are displayed large and free standing, as opposed it being in some tacky web based slideshow. The SEO of each page is exactly how i wanted it and the images have content protection which is handy to deter image thefts. Overall, it’s exactly what I am after and knowing it’s 100 % customizable to my needs means any future changes are simple. 

Photojournalist website

Image Gallery Layout

So, the overall point if this blog is ?

Of course to show off my new site, but it’s also to offer the services of HGR and myself as a photojournalist to help you create the web site that shows your portfolio they way you want it. If you find that your just not getting that look to your site with other platforms then contact us today to get a fair quote to develop the site that you want. As a photojournalist I understand how and industry works and I’ll be here to assist you from start to finish. 

For anyone interested my new site can be viewed below


Photojournalist website

About Page Layout

Photojournalist website

Image Gallery Layout


HGR Technology Can Offer Your Brand

Web Design Services

  • Setup an English / Chinese Website.
  • Hosting Websites on Chinese Servers.
  • Register Chinese state issued ICP License.
  • Optimize Websites with Baidu SEO and Web Analytics.


  • Create multi-tiered E-commerce platforms.
  • Create single user E-commerce platforms.
  • Integrate payment gateways – Alipay, Paypal & Credit Cards
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Streamlined inventory system.
  • Cloudbased database.
  • QRCode scan tracking system


  • High resolution Images
  • External and Studio Shoots
  • Advanced Post Production and Editing
  • Meta Data and Keyboarding For SEO Optimization
  • Location Shoots and Image Composition Consultancy


  • On Site Fully Equipped Video Crew
  • High Quality Footage (BMCC + 5k footage)
  • Advanced Post Production and after Effects
  • Directed Cinematography and Script Assistance

Visual Identity Design

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Brochure Design

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