100BGBG E-Commerce Platform Project

21st April 2015 Paul Jolley, managing director of HGR Technology, recently visited the head offices of South Chinese E-commerce company 100BGBG. The visit was scheduled as part of a joint cooperation between HGR Technology and 100BGBG, to create a major online...

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HGR Photo Assignments: Shenwan Marina – Aug 2015

HGR Technology recently went on a picture assignment for our clients Bellingham Marine to take images of the newly completed Shenwan marina complex in down town Shenwan, Guangdong Province. China. Shenwan is located south west of Zhongshan city at the west bank of the...

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HGR Blog – How To Setup WeChat Wi-Fi In Your Business

WeChat have released an excellent feature to attract potential customers to join your companies or organizations very own official WeChat account. Its called WeChat Wi-Fi  So How Does It Work ? Firstly, you MUST synchronize your router to match your Official WeChat...

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How to use Zhongshan Traffic Police APP in WeChat

It's estimated that there are over 1 billion cars in the world today! That figure is rapidly growing, especially in China and Asia. This means that traffic, parking, and driving violations are increasingly becoming a concern in cities and towns. Fortunately, the...

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How To Use WeChat Quick Pay

Scenario 1: You leave the house to go shopping. You approach the counter in a store feeling lighter than usual ? Oops, Wallet still on the dining room table ? Yes, I know ! Looks like you wont be getting that T-Shirt tonight my good friend ! Scenario 2: You leave the...

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HGR Tech News-How to Top Up Your Mobile Phone On WeChat

The Pre WeChat Era In China: Such a time existed ! A time, when topping up a mobile phone in China, was harder than trying to split an atom! A time, when a full day might be lost in the barren wastelands of a China Mobile Telecom, or Unicom store. A time, when many a...

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HGR Tech News-How To Use The WeChat Automatic Reply Feature

Learn how to create keywords and automatic replies on WeChat to increase engagement with your followers. WeChat’s Auto Reply feature allows companies with official accounts to personalize their interactions with their followers. This can be a very useful and versatile...

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