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Firstly, a very Happy New Year from all the staff here at HGR Studios. Apologies for the lack of blogs and content coming towards the end of year, but as you know it’s such a busy time for everybody! This has been an exciting year in the studio. We have taken on many exciting projects, and it’s been a real pleasure to have so many talented and innovate people come by and have meetings in our studio. We’ve photographed pretty everything this year, from fine Belgium chocolates to bra straps to cutting edge prototypes, we’ve seen and photographed it all. We are also now starting to arrange our photography students photo exhibition so once the venue has been decided details will be posted on the studio website so please check back soon.

In late January 2016, Phil Behan will also start a new photography course so please get in touch here or follow this link if you’re interested in joining.

The HGR studio also has lots of exciting content lined up for 2016, but for the moment lets look back at 2015 before we move forward!


 Competition Time


Yes, it’s that time of year again. A time of year when all photographers squabbled and rush to get their entries in for this years competitions Have a look below at some approaching deadlines for competitions below. Now your heart is racing

Registration deadline for World press has already passed unfortunately, but they may extend it so keep an eye out! ( Entry is free, but you must be an approved professional photographer with verification from your employer). 

Enter Here

The deadline to enter images for the Sony Professional Award is Jan 12th 2015 ( Entry is free for professional photographers). 

Enter Here

PDN Storytellers competition has an extended deadline of Jan 27th 2016. (Entry is $30 with 10 extra for late fee. 

Enter Here

Pulitzer Prize for 2016 is open until Jan 25th 2016. (Entry fee is the usual $50). 

Enter Here

Lecia Q

Cameras And Stuff in 2015

BJP Gear of the Year review

Gear of the Year 2015

Lecia Q reviewed by Hgr studio back in Oct 2015

Lecia Q review

Is there going to be a 5d Mk VI ?

Canon Rumours

Ken Rockwell says NO!




Image Copyright Ly Hoang Long

Year In Pictures


New York Times year in pictures review.

2015 on the NYT

The Guardian travel photographer of the year.

Guardian Travel Awards

Getty sports year in focus 2015.

Year In focus Getty

Did this image change the world? Lets hope so!

Refugee Boy



New Concepts And Ideas in 2015

Image brief showed us a new way to sell imagery.

Image Brief

UNHCR’s tracks site is fantastic and really harnesses the power of photography as a medium for telling stories. 


Really? Bye bye expensive lenses. 

Lens Blog NYT

This was interesting.

Yunghi Kim

Free exposure? Nah, says Will Weaton 

Will Weaton

So in summary, it’s been an interesting year to say the least! Many developments and breakthrough advances in the field of imagery.

Lets hope 2016 is the same with less layoffs!


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