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So, we said we would start off 2016 with loads of exciting content so here is our first installment! From fantastic Ted talks, to an interview with El-Chapo Guzzman by Sean Penn. Follow the links below to have a look at some exciting new stuff happening across the photography community right now.


Who doesn’t like a good Ted talk ? Check out some of these excellent TED talks on photography. 11 Ted talks on photography worth watching

Lets give up the drink in the New Year should we ? Joel Goodman NYE photo

We all know I love this type of work Adversity portraits

Too much good work here to just list one Burn magazine 


Copyright Burn magazine


I’m a canon man myself, but here’s a new Nikon for all you crazy Nikon people Nikon D5

Some sad news regarding the recent passing vietnamese photographer of Mai Nam Visa pour l’image Tribute and Mai Nam on Noorderlicht

Lovely story from China on Reuters When an one child dies

Pardon the pun, but this didn’t Penn out too well Sean Penn and El Chapo


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And finally, Walking away



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