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Want to make yourself, your company, or even your brand well known? Wechat is an excellent social media platform that can help you. You can use it for blogs, information, videos and even selling your products. The good news is that WeChat is adding offering more and more functions each day making for faster and more effective communications across social media!

HGR Technology has put together a step by step guide in English on how to register a Subscription Account on the WeChat platform.

A step-by-step guide to creating a Subscription Account on your WeChat Platform

red-number-1 Go to the web address https://mp.weixin.qq.com and register a Subscription Account on the official WeChat Platform.

WeChat Register

red-number-2 Fill in the basic information shown in figure 2. Please note, the email address you use to register the Subscription Account should not be used to register any other WeChat accounts.

WeChat Register

Figure 2

red-number-3 When you click the Register button, you will then proceed too step 2. Email activation ! The system asks you to activate your account. A verification email will be sent to the email address that you supplied in the basic information step.

WeChat Register

Figure 3

red-number-4 Open the email from Wechat and then click the link shown in Figure 4 to activate your Subscription Account. It will then take you to step 3 automatically.

WeChat Register

Figure 4

red-number-5 Step 3, choose the account type as shown in Figure 5. There are 3 kinds of accounts: Subscription Account, Service Account, and Enterprise Account. This step by step guide will demonstrate a Subscription Account.

WeChat Register

Figure 5

red-number-6 When you click the Subscription Account,  a confirmation box will appear as shown in Figure 6 below. This will ask you to confirm the account type you wish to choose.

WeChat Register

Figure 6

red-number-7 Once you have confirmed the account type, some information for registration is required. Firstly, you’re asked to classify your account type: Government, Media, Business, Groups, or Personal. In this case, we chose a ”Personal” account type.

WeChat Register

Figure 7

red-number-8 Some more information is now required. Currently, WeChat accounts can only opened by Chinese ID card holders. Click “Next” when you’ve filled in all boxes.

WeChat Register

Figure 8

red-number-9 A system notice will then warn you that ”all the information once entered cannot be changed”. If you need to alter the information, please click Cancel.

WeChat Register

Figure 9

red-number-1red-number-0 The final step is adding some of your public information such as, your Subscription Account Name and the features of your account.

WeChat Register

Figure 10

red-number-1red-number-1 Congratulations ! Your registration has now been completed.

WeChat Register

Figure 11

red-number-1red-number-2 Now you can start editing your Subscription Account and promoting yourself, your company, or your brand. Figure 12 shows you what your Subscription Account will look like.

WeChat Register

Figure 12

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