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The Pre WeChat Era In China: Such a time existed ! A time, when topping up a mobile phone in China, was harder than trying to split an atom! A time, when a full day might be lost in the barren wastelands of a China Mobile Telecom, or Unicom store. A time, when many a Laowai left a store without phone credit due to a crippling language barrier, and the simple fact that the store clerk seemed unable to put 2 and 2 together and assume that you actually were looking for phone credit….In a phone credit store ? Never!

Alas, those days are no more! If, you have WeChat! The Chinese social media giant again comes to the rescue and obliterates another of life’s mundane tasks, by adding a new Mobile Top Up feature. The feature, available only for Chinese mobile numbers, allows WeChat users to top up their mobile phone via a bank card attached to their WeChat account! Below, the good people at HGR Technology, have put together a step by step guide to show you how to top up your mobile phone on the WeChat platform.

How To Top Up Your Mobile Phone On WeChat

In order to use the mobile top up feature on WeChat, you MUST have WeChat Wallet enabled on your WeChat account. HGR Technology have previously shown you how to set up WeChat Wallet here:  HGR Tech News-WeChat Wallet – A Complete Set Up Guide.  

red-number-1-300x240 Go to the icon entitled Me at the bottom right of your WeChat account. Now select the icon entitled Wallet.




Figure 1

red-number-2-300x240 Now select the icon Mobile Top Up in your WeChat account.



red-number-3-300x240 Choose the amount you wish to top up your Mobile Phone, or select Add Credit to add data in your WeChat account.




red-number-4-300x240 Select the bank card that you linked to your WeChat account, and use that card to top up your mobile phone.



red-number-5-300x240 Now you will see a screen entitled Enter password. Enter the 6 digit transaction password that you set previously when you added your bank card.



red-number-6-300x240 The Payment successful icon should now appear in your Wechat account ! Your top up has now been completed.





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