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Scenario 1:

You leave the house to go shopping. You approach the counter in a store feeling lighter than usual ? Oops, Wallet still on the dining room table ? Yes, I know ! Looks like you wont be getting that T-Shirt tonight my good friend !

Scenario 2:

You leave the house, actually let me re-phrase that: You RETURNED to the house to get your phone, when you realised you did not have your phone. I’m sorry, no one ever forgets a phone. EVER!

The Point Of This Blog Is ?

WeChat has turned your phone into a Wallet !!! Take a look below!

 QRCode Phone - HGR Technology

What is WeChat Quick Pay?

Before you can access WeChat Quick Pay, you MUST have some Money, and you must have WeChat Wallet enabled on your WeChat account. Fear not ! The good people at HGR have previously shown you how to set it up on this link WeChat Wallet: A Complete Set Up Guide but we cannot give you money!

WeChat Quick Pay is a new payment function that makes shopping much easier for us all. A seller or vendor, uses a POS machine which scans the WeChat QR code or a bar code. BOOM! Your payment is done! No need to worry about having cash on you, or forgetting your wallet ever…. (AGAIN)

Already, thousands of shops, pharmacies and businesses support WeChat Quick Pay. So read our blog and get on board with this new payment revolution!

Follow our step by step guide below to see how to use WeChat Quick Pay.

 red-number-1-300x240 When you’re at the stage of paying for your goods or services, go to the Wechat screen entitled Me and then go to the icon Wallet




red-number-2-300x240 Click the icon entitled Quick Pay.



red-number-3-300x240 A QR code and a barcode will then appear. For security reasons, these codes will be updated every minute automatically. Under the QR code, it shows you what method or bank card will be used to pay for the services. Our screen below shows a bank of China card as an example.



red-number-4-300x240 Click the icon entitled Change, if you wish to choose a different payment card or method.




red-number-5-300x240To pay, you can choose the existing money thats in your WeChat balance, or you can use a bank card that you’ve previously linked up to your WeChat account.



red-number-6-300x240Now, simply ask the seller to scan the QR code and the payment is done!




Services HGR Technology Can Offer Your Brand

Web Design Services

  • Setup an English / Chinese Website.
  • Hosting Websites on Chinese Servers.
  • Register Chinese state issued ICP License.
  • Optimize Websites with Baidu SEO and Web Analytics.


  • Create multi-tiered E-commerce platforms.
  • Create single user E-commerce platforms.
  • Integrate payment gateways – Alipay, Paypal & Credit Cards
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Streamlined inventory system.
  • Cloudbased database.
  • QRCode scan tracking system


  • High resolution Images
  • External and Studio Shoots
  • Advanced Post Production and Editing
  • Meta Data and Keyboarding For SEO Optimization
  • Location Shoots and Image Composition Consultancy


  • On Site Fully Equipped Video Crew
  • High Quality Footage (BMCC + 5k footage)
  • Advanced Post Production and after Effects
  • Directed Cinematography and Script Assistance

Visual Identity Design

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Brochure Design

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