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WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent. This multi functions APP is used mainly by the general public, but recently due to its convenient interface the platform has been adopted by businesses, government agencies, media outlets, celebrities and various enterprises.

There are three types of WeChat public platform accounts,Subscription Account,Service Account and Enterprise Account.

Service Account

The WeChat Service Account provides powerful business services and user friendly management capabilities for enterprises and organizations. This can help enterprises quickly implement a brand-new official account service platform. Please note, that the blog feature is limited in the Service Account.

Enterprise Account

The WeChat Enterprise Account is a kind of internal communication tool for business or organizations. It allows for unlimited messaging to followers and more admin-level controls.

Subscription Account

The WeChat Subscription Account sometimes called the Public Account, differs slightly from the other accounts. The main difference is that the Public Account has a blogging function where users can write a fully integrated blog with pictures, text and banners and post every 24 hours. These blogs can then be shared publicly across a vast spectrum of WeChat users. Blog posts also contain vital data at the bottom of each blog such as how many likes and page views each blog has received. Already, many businesses and celebrities have taken advantage of this blogging function to promote their brand and images to millions of WeChat accounts.

A step-by-step guide to creating a blog on your WeChat Public Account

Currently the back-end of the platform is only available in Chinese language, but below we have translated the instructions and provided you with simple step-by-step guide in English which shows you how to create a blog on a Public Account.

red-number-1 Go to the web address https://mp.weixin.qq.com and sign in to your WeChat Public Account with your username and password. We have provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to register other WeChat accounts in this post here: How to Register A WeChat Subscription Account




red-number-2 After logging into your Public Account, click the Group Send icon on the left hand side menu.


red-number-3 Choose the right box shown in figure 3 to create a new message. This allows you to post photos and text at the same time.


red-number-4 Now, you can start writing a blog post !  Firstly, you need pictures and a title for your cover page. You can either upload a picture from your computer or a picture from the database which you have previously uploaded to before.


red-number-5 Click the + icon and now you can start writing your blog.

Click on the +

red-number-6 Make sure to include a title, author and a title picture for your blog. You can then add various pictures, videos, polls and text into your post. Don’t forget to add the link at the bottom of the articles origin from your website.      


red-number-7 Add images, videos, polls or music by clicking the image icon (or video), then choosing from the image that you have previously uploaded or one which is on your computer.



red-number-8  Click the +  icon after you finish each article to add another article. Currently users can write a maximum of 8 articles per day.

Click +

red-number-9 When you’ve finished adding your pictures, videos and text, press the Preview button to preview how your post will look.


red-number-1 red-number-0We recommend previewing and double checking all drafts before posting. Click the icon Save & Send. This will be posted to everyone that has registered with your WeChat Public Account. Remember you cannot delete it once it’s been sent. With the Subscription Account you’re currently restricted to post only once every 24 hours.


red-number-1 red-number-1Finally, tick the QQ Weibo Account if you have one, and then choose who you want your posting to be delivered too. For example, it could be a predefined group of only females or a perhaps a specific Country. Then, press Send. This will be posted to everyone that has registered with your WeChat Public Account. Remember, you cannot delete it once it has been sent. With the Subscription Account you’re currently only allowed to post once every 24 hours.

Send and Post

red-number-1red-number-2Are you sure ?? Yes or No ??

Yes or No


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