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 Multi-tiered Architecture

The diversity and variability of Ecommerce activities pose great challenges for software development. We have designed and developed a flexible and reusable multi-layer Ecommerce platform.  

Best Of Breed Design And Applications

Each module has been designed and incorporated into the Ecommerce platform making it a best of breed design.

 Shopping Process System

It’s paramount, that the Ecommerce platform contains commodity management, shopping carts, search engines, members clubs, and order processes. These essential shopping modules compose the ”Fully Functional Platform ”.

Horizontal Scale Out Design

We have built the whole Ecommerce platform with the premises of scalability. The platform is ideal for a multinational B2B customer, or a retailer that requires a single tiered platform.

Outstanding Performance

The platform has perfect and efficient code with advanced multi-tiered architecture. Through this, the system runs effectively.

 Characteristic Category

The colors and specifications are not just commodity characteristics. The background of a site can not only help to personalize the categories and attributes, but also allow the shop owners to set the different prices and inventory for the same product with different colors and sizes.

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