Platform Used: Yii Framework

Type Of Design: Company Menu Website



W-oggie Bar & Restaurant wanted to have a web presence and focus on supplying customers with information about their current menu, special event’s and contact details. W-oggie required an information website with a large menu to display, Yii Framework was the perfect platform to complete this project.

W-oggie always has new items on the menu and special events to showcase, so extra training was given to their staff so they were able to easily add or update new products and pages.

Keywords and SEOis very important to W-oggie in such a competitive field of business. We were able to integrate and give staff training for the SEO system which will give them a competitive edge.

ABOUT W-OGGIE BAR & Restaurant

W-oggie is a customer-oriented cafe and bar-restaurant. Our aim is to bring all our guests a feeling of home. Enjoy a freshly cooked home-style meal, feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. W-oggie is committed to bringing you the freshest quality ingredients.

All our materials are from regular wholesalers, including imported U.S. Angus steak, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, flour, Italian coffee, sea salt etc. We ensure that our food and drinks are of the highest hygiene standard and with fresh, healthy ingredients. W-oggie is committed to providing all guests a clean, comfortable and casual dining environment, outdoor smoking area, indoor non-smoking area, up to date background music, outstanding customer service and free Wi-Fi Internet access.


As with all of our projects, we began with design process by meeting with W-oggie core team for their input on the design and overall use of the website. Looking at the designs and idea’s showed us that this was a company menu and information website, to give potential customers an idea about the company and how to make contact.

As with any of our projects, our team worked closely with the client to ensure we really nailed the goals for the site and that it will fit with their needs.

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Click on the images below to view the completed website or follow the link to visit their website www-w-oggie.com. Get on the phone with one of our consultants who will help you plan out what you need to create an ideal website for your business.

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