Platform Used: PHP

Type Of Design: E-commerce



The weyee.com project is a very complicated project requiring multiple users access to add their own products to the platform. The project was required to primarily focus on attracting customers based within China. We primarily used PHP to complete this project.

WeYee continually has new products to add to the store via multiple users, so extra attention was given so that users are able to easily add or update new products.

Keywords and SEOis very important to WeYee in such a competitive field of business. We were able to integrate and give staff training for the system which will give them a competitive edge.




WeYee started its own brand, the Group set up Guangzhou CD Network Technology Co, B2B platform for B2B, O2O. The product focus is clothing apparel, clothing accessories. The platform was created to be the largest clothing business platform in China. Also for the development of business opportunities, better marketing activities and improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

As a new platform for E-commerce business operators through market research and understanding of the actual needs of users, the formation of a rich experience in business team, through the service experience , To provide one-stop solution to problems, marketing integration and marketing, the creation of professional ecosphere, the establishment of a training-based only clothing business schools, to create a focus on the apparel industry B2B + O2O electronic trading platform.

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As with all of our projects, we began with design process by having an internal meeting with their core team for their input on the design and overall use of the website. Looking at the designs and idea’s showed us that this was a full e-commerce website, requiring multi users to upload the individual products.

Internet: We designed a full E-commerce platform primarily using PHP which integrates with the cloud-based database.

This project was a challenging project as we we’re building this from scratch primarily using PHP language. Unlike other projects where we would use existing platforms such as WordPress, this project we designed the infrastructure from the bottom up. We ensured that we really nailed the goals for this site and that it will fit many needs for potential clients who require a multi-language, multi-console, e-commerce platform.


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Click on the images below to view the completed website or follow the link to visit their website www.weyee.com. Get on the phone with one of our consultants who will help you plan out what you need to create an ideal website for your business.

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