Imagery and Photography

We can offer a vast range of image and photo services utilizing our studio space such as, product photo, corporate portraiture, fashion and modelling portfolios, and many other services. We make sure that the highest level of attention to detail is paid in order to show your product as cleanly and compellingly as possible. We do all the hard work so your business can focus on its core services.

In the HGR Photo Studio we believe communication is key. Tell us your visual needs and we will deliver them. We make sure all boxes are ticked and nothing is lost in the communication process.

Video and Film

We here at HGR can provide many different video services to suit your company or organisational needs. We have two videos crew already in place on the ground here in China. The first being a Chinese video crew and the second being a similar crew with a Western director.

If you have a company already based in China and want to save costs and time, let us put your production together. We can look after everything from writing the script to editing the final pieces of footage. Communication in this process is crucial and we leave no stone unturned. We understand video here at HGR.

HGR Studio offers clients clean high-resolution studio photos under the supervision of our studio manager photographer Phil Behan. Phil has over 5 years’ experience working full time in his field and as such he has gained vast experience in the areas of Photojournalism working with the United Nations and also studio and commercial experience while working with Airbnb in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Phil also teaches photography when time permits!

Phil Behan

Studio Manager, HGR Technology