100BGBG E-Commerce Platform Project

21st April 2015 Paul Jolley, managing director of HGR Technology, recently visited the head offices of South Chinese E-commerce company 100BGBG. The visit was scheduled as part of a joint cooperation between HGR Technology and 100BGBG, to create a major online...

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How To Use WeChat Quick Pay

Scenario 1: You leave the house to go shopping. You approach the counter in a store feeling lighter than usual ? Oops, Wallet still on the dining room table ? Yes, I know ! Looks like you wont be getting that T-Shirt tonight my good friend ! Scenario 2: You leave the...

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HGR Tech News-How to Top Up Your Mobile Phone On WeChat

The Pre WeChat Era In China: Such a time existed ! A time, when topping up a mobile phone in China, was harder than trying to split an atom! A time, when a full day might be lost in the barren wastelands of a China Mobile Telecom, or Unicom store. A time, when many a...

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HGR Blog-Tips on Breaking into the Chinese E-commerce Market

Many Western businesses enter the Chinese market without knowing enough about Chinese consumers. As a result, they attempt to enter the Chinese market based on assumptions of their target consumer instead of a fact-based strategy. Here are four things you may not have...

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