HGR Technology was founded by Paul Jolley in July 2013, and it’s B2C platform went online in 2015. HGR Technology core business includes developing warehouse management systems, custom websites and e-commerce platforms. HGR has become a leader in the field of E-commerce platforms.

Our e-commerce business includes a large online shopping platform, mobile e-business applications and cloud-based e-terminal hardware. Our main customers include local manufacturers, overseas investors and international companies.


Warehouse Management




Custom Web Site Design




Customers can securely and conveniently purchase goods using four different platforms. PC, APP, WeChat & E-Terminal stand-alone machine.


Easily update product information from anywhere.



The entire project is based on the SaaS architecture for the service platform, the system required for the business package to provide the appropriate services to achieve an open layer application interface.

In order to ensure the quality of service when in the future large amounts of data will be entered into the platform, a multi-angle and multi-level system is used which has good performance and a user-friendly operation.

The project uses several open source technologies to build the server architecture for high performance and good scalability.

The project’s web service is built in the Linux environment using PHP as the development language. We use Linux + Nginx + PHP + Vue.js + Elasticsearch + Swoole + Redis + MongoDB + MySQL and various other open source technologies to build a high-performance server architecture.


The key to a successful E-commerce platform is to have all your bases covered. Our system supports WEB, WAP Mall, iOS & Android APP, WeChat and our own Designed E-commerce terminal.


You have a great company,

shouldn’t your E-commerce be great too?


Get on the phone with one of our consultants who will help you plan out what you need to create an ideal website for your business.



HGR Technology designed a complete multi-platform E-commerce database. The platform is FULL of many new technologies and features including support for bilingual, international payment gateways and much much more.


HGR Technology developed a high-performance iOS & Android application which can be downloaded to any pads or mobile phones. Turning ANY Retail property into a standalone E-commerce store.


WeChat is Chinese GIANT one-stop APP. HGR Technology integrated our Cloud-based database platform to perform on the WeChat platform.

Using Chinese most powerful social media network and the power of our E-commerce platform makes this an outstanding combination to encourage potential customers to complete their order in seconds.

WeChat payment gateway makes this super simple to perform impulse purchases securely.


Our dedicated E-commerce stand-alone E-terminal machines allow your store or mall to be perfectly independent. Easily browse, order and pay for your products 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A thin, simple and stylish terminal, better able to attract customers and provide them with an easy E-commerce experience.

Our dedicated E-commerce platform supports a 21.5-inch all-in-1 touch screen wall mounted system that can seamlessly be installed anywhere.

terminal 15

Our 10-inch tablet is easy to navigate, can be installed anywhere from shopping trolleys to dedicated E-commerce staff. Feel the benefits.


The power of HGRMall E-commerce platform partnered with 100BGBG imported products superstore to create one great combination.

Read below how we turned this into a great success story.


HGRMall has years of experience with E-commerce platforms. We created our own platform to supply the Chinese market with 100% genuine products. We have many products located in our sister company 100BGBG superstores, which are dedicated to supplying 100% genuine Western products or many products via our cross-border platform with our partner companies in Australia, USA, Germany and UK and many products with our trusted suppliers and distributors.

We sell and distribute only the finest products from trusted brand names and suppliers to give you, the consumer, an authentic shopping experience. When you are buying from our online platforms, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service, competitive price, and overall satisfaction.

Choose from a wide range of products by visiting www.hgrmall.com


HGRMall created its own platform to supply the Chinese market with 100% genuine products. Click the link to find out more.


100BGBG specializes in supplying only 100% genuine imported products from its superstores. Click the link to find out more.

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Are you looking to sell your products both on our online e-commerce and our offline retail superstore’s in China? If the answer is YES, then make an appointment with our staff to find out what HGR Technology can do to boost your E-commerce presences.

At HGRMall we maintain core Chinese and Western values in our top level management. This gives us huge advantages as we benefit from the unique ideas and visions put to us by both our Chinese and Western managers.


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