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It’s estimated that there are over 1 billion cars in the world today! That figure is rapidly growing, especially in China and Asia. This means that traffic, parking, and driving violations are increasingly becoming a concern in cities and towns.

Fortunately, the traffic police of Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province, China, have released an App that allows the public to report any traffic or parking violations via a WeChat account. The Zhongshan traffic police will also credit your WeChat account with 5 RMB for every convicted case that you report.


Follow The HGR Step By Step Guide In English, To Help You To Use And Report Traffic Violations On The WeChat Account Of The Zhongshan Traffic Police App.

red-number-1-300x240Follow ZSJJWPT in WeChat

zsjjwpt WeChat name: zsjjwptx


red-number-2-300x240 The screen below shows you where you can add official accounts to your wechat. Click the Contacts icon and then click the Official Accounts icon.



red-number-3-300x240 Now, click the + icon and type zsjjwpt into the search area.

HGR Technology - Official Accounts





red-number-4-300x240Below, you can now see the Zhongshan Traffic Police Official WeChat Account: ZSJJWPT.



red-number-5-300x240Follow the Zhongshan Traffic Police Official WeChat Account named ZSJJWPT, and then you can enter their Official Account.



red-number-6-300x240 Enter into the Official Account and click the Interaction icon, and the click the Report icon.



red-number-7-300x240 When you click on the report icon, it takes you to the Scope Statement and Attention page. Click Next to go to the next stage.


Below is a translation of the Scope statement and the Attention.

Scope Statement:

Here you can report:

  1. Electric motorcars and motorcycles running through the red light, and not following the lane.
  2. Electric motorcars and motorcycles driving on viaduct under the prohibitory sign.
  3. Vehicles that do not stop when pedestrians are crossing the zebra crossing.
  4. Unclaimed vehicles occupying public roads
  5. Vehicles that deliberately change lanes,or cover there license plates.
  6. Reverse driving on roads.
  7. Using illegal or altered license plates.
  8. Using fake license plates.
  9. Driving in the emergency vehicle lane during highway congestion.
  10. Large and medium-sized buses which speed or are overloaded. School buses which are overcrowded or speeding.

Also, you’re welcome to provide clues to hit-and-run cases reports and other traffic violations.


1.  The pictures which you upload, should clearly show the illegal occurrence and the license number plate. At least two photos are required.

2.  Driving is not allowed when taking photos. Make sure to follow the traffic laws and do not hinder the traffic.


red-number-8-300x240 Next step is to fill in the information. As an example, we have added the street address in PinYin, my surname and the description of the violation in English. Now, add 2 or more pictures of the offence and try to show the vehicle registration or any other descriptive locations in your photos. You can add up to 9 photos for each violation.


upload image 1


red-number-9-300x240 Choose the image you want to upload from your camera or phone images, then click the Done icon.

upload image 2


red-number-1-300x240red-number-0-300x240 If you choose a incorrect image, just touch the red icon, and you can delete that image and add the correct one.


Wrong image

red-number-1-300x240red-number-1-300x240  Below are a list of the areas in Zhongshan translated into PinYin. Simply click the drop down menu and choose the area that you are in.

Zhongshan Locations - HGR Technology


red-number-1-300x240red-number-2-300x240 You can now submit the completed report to the Zhongshan Traffic Police ZSJJWPT.


fin 1

After you have submitted your report, you will receive two messages to inform you about your posted report.

The first informs you that the Zhongshan Traffic Police ZSJJWPT have received your report, and they will supply you with a Tracking  number.

The second informs you that they have dealt with your report, and thank you for your support.









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