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Wechat Payment Wallet Wallet Circle

The WeChat wallet payment feature seems to have Unlimited uses. You can use it to pay for all sorts of things including, goods and services, taxi rides, mobile top up, money transfers to friends, movie tickets, air tickets, utility bills, restaurant bills, joining groups larger than 100, and much more still being added.

In China, it tends to be harder for non-Chinese to complete any task that requires a Chinese ID card. Linking a bankcard to WeChat wallet is no exception.

Here’s what you need to watch out for, as well as a step-by-step guide to get the wallet feature up and running.

The Pitfalls

Where’s My Wallet?

Here’s where the wallet function is located.


Wechat Wallet Payment - Wallet

If you don’t see it, it may have to do with the version of WeChat you’ve installed. Try updating to a new version.

Why Can’t I Change the ID Type?

Wechat Payment Wallet - ID Circle

A common issue is that not all banks support using a passport as a form of ID – if your bank doesn’t, then either open a new bank account with banks that do or use your International credit card to register.

Chinese Debit and Credit Card


Below is a list of Chinese Banks that are now supporting different types of ID’s.

Chinese Banks

International Credit Cards

WeChat are now accepting International credit cards as payment for wechat wallet. Below is a list of International credit cards currently accepted.


  • American Express Credit Card
  • JCB Credit Card
  • Mastercard Credit Card
  • VISA Credit Card

ID type

WeChat has taken steps to make it easier for non-Chinese to register for the WeChat wallet by adding a few options for certain banks.


  • ID Card (For Chinese Nationals)
  • Passport (For Non-Chinese)
  • Home Return Permit (For HK and Macau Residents)
  • MTP’s

Why Won’t WeChat Accept My Info?

Wechat Wallet Payment - Name and Number Circled copy

So, you’ve double-checked your name, passport number and registered phone number, but it’s still not going through. It could be that you are not entering it exactly how your bank have entered your information. Try all possible versions of your name, including all uppercase, lowercase and with or without spaces. If it’s still a no-go, you may need to visit your bank and ask them to print a form with your information exactly as they’ve entered it. Be sure to take your passport when you go to request this information.

The step-by-step guide to setting up your wechat wallet

red-number-1 Go to Me and press Wallet

Wechat Wallet Payment - Wallet

red-number-2 Press Bank Card

Wechat Payment Wallet - Bank Card Circled

 red-number-3 Press + Add a Card

Wechat Wallet Payment - Add a Card Circled

red-number-4 Enter your card number as it appears on your card. This will automatically detect your credit or debit card. If not, touch the Card Type and select your bank and debit or credit card.

Wechat Wallet Payment - Card Numberred-number-5 Enter your name and registered phone number exactly as it has been input by your bank.

Wechat Wallet Payment - Name and Number Circled copy

red-number-6 Change your ID Type to Passport and enter your passport number. You can also enter Home Return Permit for Hong Kong & Macau or MTP’s.

Wechat Payment Wallet - ID Circle


red-number-7 WeChat will send you an SMS to your registered number containing a password.

Wechat Wallet Payment - SMS Message

red-number-8 Enter the password from the SMS text message.

Wechat Wallet Payment - Verify Mobilered-number-9 Input a 6-digit security password to verify future payments.

Wechat Wallet Payment - Verification Codered-number-1red-number-0 Start using the WeChat services.

Wechat Wallet Payment - New Card

(sources: GuideinChina, GlobalTimes OneStop, WeSecretary)

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