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WeChat have released an excellent feature to attract potential customers to join your companies or organizations very own official WeChat account. Its called WeChat Wi-Fi 

So How Does It Work ?

Firstly, you MUST synchronize your router to match your Official WeChat account, and then when anyone either scans your QRCode and enters the correct password, they will be provided with their very own free Wi-Fi access ! In turn, your company or organisation will get another follower on it’s official WeChat account. The benefits are 2 way ! The customer is provided with free Wi-Fi, and you’re provided with a follower that you can later provide with updates about your business and services !

WeChat WiFi

So How Do You Set It Up ?

The clever people at HGR Technology have done an extensive step by step guide in English on how to set-up WeChat Wi-Fi below.


Follow Our Step By Step Guide Below To See How To Setup WeChat Wi-Fi.

red-number-1-300x240  Login to your WeChat account at: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/



red-number-2-300x240 Click on Add new function


add new function 1


red-number-3-300x240 Click on WeChat Connect Wi-Fi

add new function-wechat connect wifi


red-number-4-300x240 Click on Open this function


Below is a translation of what is required to open a WeChat Wi-Fi account.

Application Conditions:

· You must have a fixed business place

· You must own at least one Wi-Fi device

red-number-5-300x240 Fill out the the required information as per our translation in red below



red-number-6-300x240 After submitting the information you will see the screen below. The Green tick lets you know that your application was successful. You now need to add a new premises to your account by selecting + sign Add new equipment




red-number-7-300x240 Before you set up your WeChat Wi-Fi, you should make sure your shop information is set up first. Click on Store management


red-number-8-300x240Click on Create a new store






red-number-9-300x240 Click on Create a new store after selecting the City, District, and Store name or address. You might need assistance if you don’t know the Chinese characters for your current Chinese city


red-number-1-300x240red-number-0-300x240Fill in information of your store as per our translation in red below




red-number-1-300x240red-number-1-300x240Fill in all the information about your store as per our translation below. Some fields are optional so if you want you can skip them and come back to them later





red-number-1-300x240red-number-2-300x240Once you have filled in all the information about your store click Submit 




red-number-1-300x240red-number-3-300x240 Click connect to Wi-Fi by WeChat




HGR Technology - Number 1 Click Add devicered-number-4-300x240




red-number-1-300x240 red-number-5-300x240 Follow the steps below to add more required information




red-number-1-300x240 red-number-6-300x240 Add your Wi-Fi name and password




red-number-1-300x240 red-number-7-300x240 Your WIFI name must start with the letters WX 




red-number-1-300x240Scan the QR code to be the administrator of the official account, and click red-number-8-300x240Next




red-number-1-300x240 red-number-9-300x240You can now download the QR code and promote it in your store




red-number-2-300x240 red-number-0-300x240When you scan the printed QR Code it will ask you to click Connect


WeChat WiFi


red-number-2-300x240red-number-1-300x240Next you will be given the chance to un-check the Follow option. Then click Done




red-number-2-300x240Success ! You will now be conred-number-2-300x240nected to the Wi-Fi connection




red-number-2-300x240 red-number-3-300x240You can also access the official WeChat account to view a stores or businesses previous WeChat history






Services HGR Technology Can Offer Your Brand

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  • Setup an English / Chinese Website.
  • Hosting Websites on Chinese Servers.
  • Register Chinese state issued ICP License.
  • Optimize Websites with Baidu SEO and Web Analytics.


  • Create multi-tiered E-commerce platforms.
  • Create single user E-commerce platforms.
  • Integrate payment gateways – Alipay, Paypal & Credit Cards
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Streamlined inventory system.
  • Cloudbased database.
  • QRCode scan tracking system


  • High resolution Images
  • External and Studio Shoots
  • Advanced Post Production and Editing
  • Meta Data and Keyboarding For SEO Optimization
  • Location Shoots and Image Composition Consultancy


  • On Site Fully Equipped Video Crew
  • High Quality Footage (BMCC + 5k footage)
  • Advanced Post Production and after Effects
  • Directed Cinematography and Script Assistance

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  • Stationery Design
  • Brochure Design

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