HGR Blog-Book Names Needed – Make Your Suggestion

Many years ago my wife and I were struggling with names for our son, then one night I had what can only be described as a ‘vivid dream’, in the dream I travelled forward in time and meet myself and found out my future sons name, upon waking I described the dream to my...

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HGR News-Homesteading Hydroponics Workshop

Our Homestead Hydroponics Workshop teaches you how to use simple household items to grow your own food at home.  Join the ZS GoGreen community for a very special project: a collaborative workshop where you will design and build your own hydroponics systems to take...

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HGR Blog-Foreign GM High Profile Forum

On Friday 17th April 2015, Paul Jolley Managing Director of HGR Technology was invited to the first Foreign General Managers Annual Meeting and High Profile Forum. This event was held in the Zhongshan High-tech Zone and the event was organised by the Zhongshan Torch...

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